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Brain Extension — Notion Second Brain

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Your Life in An All-in-One Centralized System Inside Notion

Track, organize, and schedule your action items in life.

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  • v1.3.7 — March 20, 2023 (view all changes here)

What's Included?

  • Tweaked PARA method: Areas, Goals, Projects, Shelf, and Bin

  • Flow Routine: Source, Track, Organize, Schedule, and Grind

    • Source: the central unit of the Brain Extension
    • Track: track the past week's achievements and action items
    • Organize: classify projects, tasks, notes, bookmarks, books, and watch list
    • Schedule: plan your week's agenda; view overdue tasks
    • Grind: complete today's agenda—tasks, daily health metrics, habits, and journal
  • Quick Capture System


Brain Extension Value: $99 $330+

  • University Student OS ($19)
  • GTD System ($29)
  • Second Brain—PARA method ($69)
  • Self-Growth Tracker: Habit Tracker and Journal ($9)
  • Health + Fitness Tracker: Workout and Health Metrics[Sleep Log, Water Log, Caffeine Log] ($9)
  • Entertainment: Reading Library and Watch Library ($9)
  • Continuous Updates (Monthly Updates)
    • Finances Hub (Coming Soon) [$39]
    • Content Multiplier OS (Coming Soon) [$59]
    • Travel Kit (Coming Soon) [$29]
    • Freelancer OS (Coming Soon) [$59]

Why make Brain Extension?

Simple. I'm tired of making/adding completely different templates to my Notion workspace.

I just wanted to have one thing—a seamless connection to everything.

And Brain Extension absolutely solves my problem. :)

What People Say


  • Why integrate the FLOW method into the Brain Extension?
    • The FLOW method is a stage-by-stage routine wherein you can track the progress of your goals, projects, tasks, daily health metrics, etc. This enables you to systematically get more things done without wondering if you forget to do something. In simpler terms, the FLOW method is like a filtration system that filters out all necessary and unnecessary information within the day. In that sense, you can focus on the tasks scheduled today.
  • Do I need to use a paid Notion account to use Brain Extension?
    • Nah! Brain Extension is available on any type of account—free or paid.
  • Do I get free updates?
    • Absolutely! Updates will be announced through email. Users will be the ones to copy the update(s) within their Brain Extensions. Don't worry! Video guides will be provided within the email on how to incorporate the new updates. Subscribe Now!
  • What do I do after purchasing this?
    • After purchasing, you will be presented with three (3) Notion links (which correspond to the 3 different themes). Opening the link will redirect you to a new tab where you will now see the Brain Extension template. You may now proceed by clicking the "Duplicate" button in the upper-right corner. This will duplicate the template into your own Notion account. If you still don't have a Notion account, you may sign up here for free.
  • What if I still have more questions?
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Brain Extension: A Centralized Second Brain for Notion

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Current Version
v1.3.7 (as of 03-20-2023)
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Brain Extension — Notion Second Brain

43 ratings
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